At 3D Mechanical Design USA we strive to provide clients with professional design and drafting services while building a respectful and reputable USA based business, keeping American’s working!!


We strive to be recognized as a design and drafting service using leading edge technology while upholding optimal integrity and 100% customer retention and satisfaction.

Success……in six easy steps !!!

Communicate – We will discuss the project, design, budget and collect any additional information needed.

Conceptualize – We will present concepts, identify the pros and cons and rate accordingly.

Design – Develop promising concepts using CAE tools. Compare analysis results to performance benchmarks, determine and further refine the most promising design concept.

Implement - Create models and supporting documents based on the refined design.

Feedback – Discuss results.

Delivery & Follow up - Finalize and deliver design to the customer. Follow up on satisfaction make changes if necessary.