Design & Prototyping

At 3D Mechanical Design USA, we provide innovative solutions for mechanical designs. We specialize in new product development from concept through production. Our strengths are in mechanical systems, and composite shapes. As a full service design company, we have resources for stress/strain analysis to further improve and verify the design.

Utilizing 3D Solid Modeling software allows us to design the machinery to the very last detail, so both the designer and our client can visualize the total design before manufacturing begins. This approach has proven to be extremely efficient by streamlining the design process with our clients benefiting from cost reduction and minimized delivery time. Our experienced design and drafting team can work from a sketch or your idea to develop a Conceptual Design through to the Final Product with a set of fully detailed design drawings.



At 3D Mechanical Design USA, we understand confidentiality. We ensure that we will not disclose any sensitive information without first having the client’s consent. Our company policies ensure strict confidentiality of customer information, design documents and all other sensitive information.